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We want to make sure you and your family can get the prescriptions you need—at no cost. Learn more about your pharmacy benefit below.

Questions? Call our Pharmacy Services team at 855-580-1688.

How to find an in-network pharmacy

For no-cost medications, you have to visit a pharmacy in our network. Find one nearby using our Provider Finder tool. The prompts will ask for your location and what network you are in. Then choose the “Pharmacy & Medical Supplies” category.

Are you a provider?


Click here for PA forms and additional resources.


How to get no-cost medications

We help you get the medications you need. In fact, there are no copays for covered or approved drugs filled at an in-network pharmacy.


prescription iconWhen you need medicine, it will likely come from our Preferred Drug List (PDL) (PDF). This list includes prescriptions and over-the-counter drugs used for treatment. Most are covered without a referral or medical review.

provider phone iconOther drugs require prior authorization (PA) from your doctor. Your provider will fill out a PA request form (PDF) if you need one. Our clinical staff reviews the request and lets you know if we can approve it.

prescription bottle iconSometimes a drug on the PDL doesn’t work for you or makes you sick. Your provider can ask for a different drug via the PA request form (PDF). Once we approve the exception, you can get the prescription filled. Note: we cannot make any exceptions for drugs excluded by the State of Illinois.

Pharmacy FAQs

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Opioid misuse resources

Are you or a loved one struggling with opioid misuse? Learn more about the signs of addiction and find some treatment options. Need more support? Call us.



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