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Supplier Diversity

Illinois Business Enterprise Program (BEP)

As one of the largest managed care organizations in Illinois, Meridian (Meridian) is implementing initiatives geared toward the Business Enterprise Program (BEP) under the HealthChoice Illinois contract and the Medicare-Medicaid Alignment Initiative demonstration.

We see these initiatives as opportunities for our business, regarding both the markets we serve and the programmatic expansions that have taken place. The increase in growth of Medicare-Medicaid populations has created an opportunity for us to extend our business relationships in certain areas where we rely on external support in assisting our increasing membership.

The BEP application can be found at the BEP Certification Portal. Determinations on applications are made in approximately 60 days. Applicants can contact CMS if they need assistance completing their application.

Phone: 312-814-4190 or 1-800-356-9206

Notify Meridian
Once you become BEP certified, please email Meridian’s Supplier Diversity Team at

Please include the following:

  • Copies of current certifications
  • Scope of services offered
  • Appropriate contracting contacts

All inquiries will receive a personal response within 30 days of receipt