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Claim Disputes After July 1, 2021

Providers electing to dispute the disposition or reimbursement level of a claim for Date of Service July 1, 2021, may do so via the Meridian secure provider portal. Submitting a claim dispute is a simple process.

  • Select the claim and provide appropriate reason for the dispute.
  • Supporting documents can be attached, i.e. medical records, etc.
  • The dispute will be reviewed by a dispute analyst.
  • If your original claim reimbursement is updated, you will receive new reimbursement via the Explanation of Payment.
  • If your original claim reimbursement is upheld, a letter will be sent acknowledging the reason for dispute being upheld.

While the preferred method to submit a claim dispute is via the Meridian secure provider portal, you may submit a dispute via mail. Please include the claims dispute form (PDF). Disputes should be mailed to:

MAC appeals form

Attn: Claims Department
PO Box 4020
Farmington, MO 63640