live healthier
with benefits that
put you first.

As a member, you get extra benefits included with your plan. Check out our benefits that help you live healthier.

benefits for moms 
and babies

Moms—get rewards and free baby gear when you take care of yourself and your bundle of joy.

get $15

Well-child visit
(0-15 months)

(for each visit, max. 6 visits)

Well-child visit
(15-30 months)

(for each visit, max. 2 visits)

get $25

Prenatal care visit

Postpartum care visit

Annual checkup

Immunization visit
(11-13 years)

get $75

Immunization visit
(birth-2 years)

Get Free*


Car seat

Portable crib


High chair


*For qualifying moms


benefits for living

Earn rewards for taking care of your health!

get $25

Annual physical/

Behavioral health

Diabetes blood test

Breast cancer

Chlamydia screening

Pap smear test

get $50

  In-home visit


benefits you can
choose to use

Choose the benefits that work best for you and your family! Your Meridian benefits are free with your plan. That means no out-of-pocket costs when you use them—ever! All of this on top of making sure you have access to the care and providers you need.

No Cost

You won’t have copays, deductibles, or out-of-pocket costs for services. As long as the services are covered.


You have access to more than 1,500 in-network pharmacies. Walgreens included!

Specialty Care

You don’t need a referral to see specialists. 


Behavioral Health

You can access mental health and substance use services. They’re covered!


Dental Care

Dental care for you and your whole family is included.


Free Rides

Need a ride? We can pick you up! We offer free rides to the doctor, pharmacy, medical equipment provider, and WIC assistance sites. (routine and non-emergency only)


Nurse Advice Line

You have access to a 24/7 Nurse Advice Line! Call our hotline number to speak to a nurse and get your questions answered.


Virtual Care

You can visit your provider, right on your phone or computer.



Get eyeglasses replaced as needed for kids through age 20.


Support for New Moms

Qualifying moms can get free baby strollers, high chairs, or car seats.


Weight & Wellness

Qualifying members can get weight management and nutrition help.

when you get healthy,
we give you rewards.

As a member, you can get rewards for doing simple things that help you live healthier. When you live healthier, you get rewards with Meridian.



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