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What is EmPowerUs?

EmPowerUs is a Meridian initiative that addresses key health conditions affecting our communities. We’ve partnered with dedicated healthcare providers and passionate community groups committed to helping our members and communities live better, healthier lives. 

Together we are providing educational programs, information and resources for:

  • Behavioral health
  • Blood pressure
  • Obesity and body mass index (BMI)
  • Diabetes
  • Prenatal/postpartum care
  • Breast cancer
  • Prostate cancer
  • Colorectal cancer

EmPowerUs Tips for Health

Here are some quick tips to help keep you and your family healthy:

Behavioral Health

Many factors can impact your behavioral health:

  • Genes: Traits we get from our family
  • Biology: Balance of chemicals in the body and how cells talk to one another
  • Environment: Painful experiences, seeing a death, abuse or neglect or living in an unsafe area
  • Lifestyle: Poor diet, lack of exercise, use of drugs or alcohol or trouble sleeping

If you feel sad or overwhelmed, talk to your doctor about your symptoms! Your doctor can help you get medicine or refer you to a specialist. 

Blood Pressure

You can lower your blood pressure and your risk of heart disease by making these lifestyle changes:

  1. Lose extra pounds
  2. Be active
  3. Eat a healthy diet
  4. Reduce your sodium intake
  5. Limit alcohol
  6. Quit smoking
  7. Reduce stress

Obesity and Body Mass Index (BMI)

Your BMI is a ratio of your body weight and height. BMI can be used to screen for high body fat. It can also be used to see if you’re at greater risk for certain health problems. A high BMI means a higher risk for high blood pressure, diabetes, sleep apnea and heart disease. Talk to your doctor about your BMI.

Type 2 Diabetes

Diabetes is a health condition that can be caused by family history, lack of exercise or unhealthy eating. You can manage your diabetes with these tests:

  1. HbA1c test
  2. Nephropathy test
  3. Diabetic eye exam

Prenatal/Postpartum Care

Even if you feel fine, it is important to attend all prenatal appointments because your baby is constantly growing. Your doctor can help you with any questions or concerns during your pregnancy. Complete your postpartum visit within seven to 84 days after delivery.

Breast Cancer

One in eight women develop breast cancer. You can reduce your risk by:

  • Exercising
  • Eating healthy
  • Knowing your family history
  • Getting a mammogram each year at age 40 and older

Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is a common cancer among men. Most cases develop in men older than 65. Family history, diet and smoking can increase your risk. Stay healthy by exercising regularly, stopping smoking and having regular check-ups!

Colorectal Cancer

Colon cancer is cancer in your colon or rectum. Regular screenings help find polyps. Polyps are small growths in the colon which can turn into colon cancer. Colon cancer can be curable if it is caught early. If you are 50-75 years old, ask your doctor which colon cancer screening is right for you.

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